Probe Buying Info

I'll be adding buying information on other models of Probe as I get more information. The first installment of this page will focus on the 2nd gen GT.

93-97 Probe GT/GTS

1995 may be overall the best year. Virtually all of the bugs in the earlier years were worked out and the emissions system is pre OBD-II. ODB-I systems in the 93-94 are simpler to work around for performance enhancements.

1993 is the lightest year primarily due to having only one airbag. On the other hand if you want two airbags you are looking for a 94-97 model.

1993 and earlier 1994 models of the 2.5V6 can have problems with carbon knock. A redesigned head in mid 1994 (roughly March 1994) solved this problem.

1993 to 1994 and early 1995 (built before Jan/Feb 95) can suffer from rear caliper lockup. Redesigned calipers in 1995 solved this problem.

1993 and 1994 may also suffer from intermittant distributor failure.

Cosmetic Differences


Base - 115HP. License plate between tail lights. No lower body cladding. Base front fascia. No GT logos behind front fender or next to PROBE metal badging on rear under left tail light. Hub caps.

GT - License plate also between tail lights. Lower body molding, GT front fascia. GT logos behind front fender and next to PROBE metal badging on rear under left tail light. no factory spoilers. some had no side molding. 16" alloy 5 spoke wheels. The 1993 GT has 164HP @ 6000rpm, 156 ft/lbs torque @ 4000rpm.


Base - 118HP. Looks the same as 1993.

SE - Engine same as Base Probe. Changes from the Base car as follows: The front fascia is taken from a Probe GT, but without the fog lamps. Behind the front fenders and on rear end are SE logo stickers 15" alloy 3 spoke wheels.

GT - Addition of passenger side air bag. Curving stripe from door to door across dash is changed as the dash is modified for the new air bag. Vestigial stripe remains on door. Lowest part of rear bumper molding a little different. The 1994 GT (and all subsequent Probe GTs) has 164HP @ 5600rpm, 160 ft/lbs torque @ 4800rpm.


Base - Several stylistic changes from 1994 as follows: Tail lights are restyled, but plate still between the tail lights. Interior doors panels restyled. The interior door handles are now just handles instead of being convenient places to keep some change like in the 93 and 94.

SE - No changes from 1994 except as listed above in the 1995 Base.

GT - Same interior changes as Base '95 and SE. Vestigial stripe remaining from pre-dual air bag 1993 model now disappears completely. License plate has been moved from between restyled tail lights down to lower bumper area. A large plastic GT logo now resides between tail lights. The rear valance was changed in 95, omitting the full-width "vent" under the bumper. The replacement vent is shorter, and the valance sweeps up on either side. Taillights trimmed in red. The small GT sticker next to the metal PROBE badge under the left tail light has been replaced by a metal 24V badge. The 16" 5 spoke alloys have been restyled from straight spokes to "sweeping" spokes.

Check out the window sticker from a 95 PGT Here.


Base - Plastic molding around tail lights may have been changed from red to black. Base changes hub caps to the ugly caps used on the base MX-6 and 626. The base has the same Front Bumper cover as the SE and GT

SE - No apparent changes from 1995. Plastic molding around tail lights may have been changed from red to black.

GT - No visual changes from 1995 except for plastic molding around tail lights that may been changed from red to black. GT suspension has been softened up slightly to improve ride without significant changes in handling. The word "Probe" removed from B pillar and floor mats. Power antenna and heated mirrors disappear for good. No rear wiper option.


Base - No apparent changes from 1996.

SE - No apparent changes from 1996.

GT - No visual changes from 1996, except the tail lights are definitely black bordered by now. The GT logos behind the front fenders have been slightly restyled to more resemble script rather than the mechanical look of all the years previous. Rear wiper option back.

GTS - No mechanical differences from 1997 GT. GTS has GTS logos behind the front fenders, similar in appearance to the 1997 GT. GTS also has two racing stripes that run parallel from the front of the hood to the rear bumper.