The Future of BAPOC

14 June 1998

hi all!

since eddie, howell and tammy no longer have PGTs :(, they have apparently voted me the new president. they will still be an active part of the BAPOC summits, and whatever the name of the club, anyone one else that buys a new car is welcome to continue to attend the summits.

speaking of summits, the next big event is the July 25th Thunderhill Raceway event. i'd like to have a non-racing summit- a BBQ and maybe a tour of Redline Oil have been mentioned. however there are no good weekends until just two weeks before Thunderhill, so we may have to wait until August. if there is sufficient interest, i could schedule something the weekend of july 11/12th.

i generally attend the Oakland and 3COM autocrosses, and there are several club members that have become regulars. so you can always come and make a mini-summit!

please email me with comments, ideas, preferences, etc.

thanks to tammy, eddie and howell for doing such a great job with the club over the last two years!!!


PS we are also looking for someone to take over the mailing list administration from ian. please mail me, ---------- if you can help!

June 1998

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