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Check out the Intake/Filter Page with an alternate intake system and air filter Jul99.


I bought my HotShot intake and filter from Eddie at for just over $140. Included was the Hotshot tube, a red gasket, two hose clamps, a K&N Re0930 filter and 4mm HKS screen filter.

The thumbnails pics below link to high res pictures (~150K) so you can really see the details.


First you will need to remove the front piece of the air intake system, at the front of the engine. You undo the visible bolts and unscrew the ring clamp that connects it to the airbox. This pulls out easily.

The nect step is to remove the airbox from the VAF. This is a little harder. You need to find all the bolts holding the airbox down. Carefully remove all the vacuum hoses and remember where each one connected. What I ended up doing is undoing the VAF on the engine side and pulling out the VAF and the top of the airbox, then removing the bottom of the airbox. The VAF requires some pulling to get it out of the airbox- there are rubber fins that hold it in place and form a seal. I then put the VAF back on.

My old drop-in K&N filter and airbox are at the bottom of the pic. The K&N cone filter is standing nearby. The HotShot intake tube is the shiny steel tube. I have already put the red gasket on the upper end.

The VAF is visible with the airbox removed. You can see the cone thingy and press it in like the air intake stream does to measure the airflow. Sure looks like it is quite restrictive, but apparently only slightly with the engine in stock form.

I've attached the Hotshot tube to the VAF using the red rubber gasket and tightened down the ring clamps. The Hotshot tube has a bracket that bolts to one of the old airbox connections. Don't forget to find the EGR solenoid rubber hose that was connected to the back of the airbox and put the 4mm HKS screen filter on it. Don't plug it.

I then crawled under the car and attached the K&N cone filter. I also used the green wire shown in the pic to secure the filter a little better as it is just a friction fit assisted by a ring clamp. It has not fallen off in the last 6 months.



The main result of this modification is a demonic wail that starts up around 4K and rises to a hair raising shriek at redline. At normal revs and cruising it is unnoticeable.

It's hard to tell if there is more power- the effect has been dyno'd at around 5HP.

It takes just 10 minutes to swap the old intake back on to qualify for G-Stock Solo II. By contrast it takes me at least 25 minutes to change my four tires with a hand jack and a lug wrench.

There is an issue with sucking up water, but as it essentially rains not a drop from May to October in the Bay Area, I haven't had to worry about it yet. Simple rain splashing on it it not a problem- just don't drive into any puddles. Hydrolocking is a serious and potentially fatal effect for your engine so BE WARNED.

Some people have complained that their filter gets holes in it, but none so far for me (first 6 months).

Auto Trans Hotshot

The car with the ATX hotshot was seen again at a drag meet. It was confirmed to be a hotshot again by me, Michele, and Ross. What he did was lengthen the plasic "elbow" so it came much more forward, near the radiator. He said he had an aluminum (plumbing?) tube to lengthen it but he kept having leak problems and at one point he ran over a storm drain which ripped the filter off and flinged it under his tire as he was driving ;-(. So now I think he cut up some pieces of the old plastic airbox/intake and is using that. 4Feb99

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