Laguna Seca Raceway November 1998

The day broke in a soggy, wet rainstorm. Driving down it was some of the hardest rain I've seen in a while.

I was a little worried about my Hotshot intake hanging down below the car. Fortunately there seemed to be no problems.

We came to the entrance by the backway- a long and entertaining drive through the closed military base.

By the time we arrived the rain had ended and we climbed up on the hill towards the famous Corkscrew turn. Here is the view looking down on turns 1-3.

We wandered around in the "cold pits" for a while, lots of tires to be used that weekend!

We finally made it all the way up the hill where I took this picture of one of the most famous turns in all of racing. I think the brochure stated that the Corkscrew had the equivalent of a 5 story drop in height. Oooo, i can't wait to drive here.

We didn't stay long- it was loud and muddy and hard to tell what was going on. It was also pretty frustrating as the drivers looked like they were having lots of fun and I was jealous!

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December 1998

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