Past Probe Summits

Summit #39? -Mod Day - Dec02
Summit #38 -
Tilden Park - Dec02

Summit #14 -Roadster Show - Jan00
Summit #12 - Thunderhill Track Day II - Jul99
Summit #10 - Alameda County Sheriff EVOC - Feb99
Summit #9 - Coyote Point BBQ- Aug98
Summit #8 - Thunderhill Track Day- Jul98

Summit #7 - Duel at DeAnza II- May98
Summit #6 - Blackhawk Auto Museum - Feb98
Summit #5 - NASA School at Sear's Point Raceway - Oct97
Summit #4 - Luncheon and scenic drive - Aug97
Summit #3 - BBQ at Stanford - Jun97
Summit #2.5 - Solo II in Oakland - May97
Summit #2 - Solo II in Cupertino- Apr97
Summit #1 - Luncheon and scenic drive - Mar97

Click thumbnails below for full sized pictures. They are almost all under 100K in size and often less. I've put the summits in reverse order- so the most recent one is first.

Sunday December 22 mod day/swap meet Dan's house

Total of 22 cars, 27 people. There were about 10 people who were going to be there but couldn't make it - I was starting to run out of space!

Summit 38 Writeup - Tilden Park

12/15/2002 - Tilden Park Participants (please correct any omissions/misspellings):

The day started mild, with the sun visible at 8am, and the forecast of sporadic showers….no big deal.

The Sacramento caravan met as planned at the 76 gas station – I got there around 8:35, and Matt was already there, having this time found his way successfully

Wes, Chris and Dustin found us there 15 minutes after that, and after fueling up and getting some snacks, we headed out towards Vallejo.

Just before we hit Vallejo, the rain stopped again - dry pavement, no wind….we picked up Jon & Theresa here, riding in the Purple Grape of Wrath (PGW for easy reference). We then proceeded to head towards Tilden, which was a bit more adventurous than I thought. Yahoo Maps gave me an exit which didn’t exist, so we had to sort of guess our way around, but thanks to Theresa’s navigation skizzles, we got to Tilden a little after 11 am, where we found the rest of the cars already parked, and the people taking shelter under the Pony Ride shed.

After a few rain-soaked pictures and short chat session, we decided we’d spend the rest of the meet indoors, at a nearby restaurant. Ryo and Nao joined us just as we were leaving, and we were on our way, trolling for something with a pool table and some TVs for the Raiders/Niners games that were going on. Adam was leading, and then out of nowhere, James joined us and took the lead (we were in his neighborhood, after all) and led us to a nice BBQ/grill place. We went ahead and ordered our food (chicken, ribs, links, potato salad, etc) and sat down for some well-deserved grub – food was soooo good. Those that weren’t behind the kiddie line () ordered some beers and/or other adult beverages, and we BSd for a while about cars, girls, cars and girls, and I think we talked once about movies. M&Ms were spotted and promptly eaten.

Sean, Tyler, Adam, Jon, Theresa and others decided to play some pool – poor Jon got OWNED by pretty much everyone, like a cheap whore in Saigon – Theresa is kinda good at pool, too, so that didn’t help his cause. The Raiders were losing to Miami, to the consternation of Adam and a few other Raider Nation aficionados….but they had the chance to win and blew it. Oh well….

The Niners game started, and we finally got our hands on the ping-pong paddles, and Matt and I started playing, with my poor skills being surprisingly enhanced by the effects of the extra tall Long Island that I had – I swear I can’t play at all when sober. Jon continued getting bent over at the pool table, Sam was enjoying the scene from afar, and by this time some of the peeps were leaving, but the fun was only beginning. Vince was showing his AZN skizzles at the ping-pong table, the Niners were getting beat, some of the bar patrons were showing BAPOC love, and the Corona/Heineken was inforce. The insanity only got started when Jon decided that he wants to play a little ping-pong, being able to serve the wrong way 4 times in less than 20 minutes. NO, not on purpose – he was actually trying to serve forward, but try as he might, the ball always ended up going the wrong way and about 15 feet behind him, to the painful delight of the rest of us (I’m sure I pulled several stomach muscles laughing so hard). He finally seemed to get his stuff together and actually showed some nice moves.

After that, pretty much every one was gone (it was almost 4 pm), and the only ones left were Jon/Theresa, Matt/Sam and myself – we drove over to Jon’s parts bin at his school, did some more chatting, and seeing how we were all in terrible need of naps, we went on our merry ways….

Considering the atrocious weather conditions (high winds and pouring cold rain), I think the turnout was a very successful one, and I was glad to see some new faces with us – I think everyone here makes a very nice solid core for BAPOC, and I was very pleased to see James still with us, the flame going strong…

Next Sunday is the Mod Day/Swap Meet, not an official summit, but a get-together of sorts. Our next official summit will be sometime in January, in the Bay Area of course, with the activities yet to be determined. So much to do, so little time….I think 2003 will be an outstanding year for BAPOC, even though the quality of meets in 2002 will be tough to top – but things that we have to look forward to in ’03 – MAS’03, MSD2k3, CAPOC4, dyno day, drag racing, autoX day, a day at Thunderhill, F&F2 premiere, more mod days, go-karts, bowling, clubbing, do I need to go on? Aren’t you glad you’re part of the best POC in the world?


__________________ BAPOC President __________________

'93 PGT - blue - the FrankenProbe. "Why yes, those ARE 400hp pistons!"

'93 PGT - white - the RicePOC-mobile. Fully kitted, 18s, lowered, big wing.

Check out the Bowling Green Summit Page. 11Jul98

Finished! Pismo Beach 27 August 2000

Details are being worked on as you read this, so please keep checking this thread for the 'agenda' as it becomes available and we hammer out the kinks in the schedule. August 27th is a Sunday. Pismo Beach is about 2.5-3 hours south of the Bay Area, and it's a beautiful place to be in at the end of August.

Check the Thread:

This is the California-wide Probe owners meeting - all 3 CA clubs will be there:

Please make plans to be there, and enjoy the company of fellow probers, as well as take part in the activities.

We expect at least 25 cars to particpate


The meeting point for all 3 clubs will be at the Santa Rosa Park in San Luis Obispo (SLO). The park is on Santa Rosa Blvd.


Santa Rosa Park Santa Rosa Blvd. & Oak St. SLO, CA 93405 (805) 781-7287


From 101 North

From 101 South

From Hwy 1


SaPOC and some SCPOC members will be in SLO the night prior to the event. Cost here is about $85/room, possibly less if I can get a group discount. The place where i am currently making reservations is:

Sands Suites & Motel 1930 Monterrey St. SLO, CA 93401 (805)544-0500


This is where we'll eat after we return from our drive. The menu is similar to Appleby's, with an emphasis on steaks, and with a full bar:

F. McLintock's Saloon & Dining (Steakhouse) 686 Higueroa St. SLO, CA 93401 (805) 541-0686

That's about it for now....SaPOC will leave Sacramento around noon saturday, to arrive in SLO around 5 in the afternoon. Those who would like to join us a day early please let me know aaat (916) 486-8108 so I can make lodging accomodations for you. So far I have Scamper, Shawn, Craig K., myself...

For BAPOC, I would suggest a 7:00 am departure time from San Francisco, with stops in San Jose and another one further south to pick up caravan members.

Finished! Summit #14 Roadster Show - 8 January 2000

WHAT: Grand National Roadster Show

See the Summit #14 Roadster Show page, 10 Pics, writeup!!

Finished! Summit #12 Thunderhill Raceway II Summer 1999- Saturday 31 July 1999

WHAT: Open Track at Thunderhill Raceway.

See the Summit #12 Thunderhill Raceway II Summer 1999 page, 10 Pics, writeup!!

Finished! Summit #10 - Alameda County Sheriff Dublin EVOC - Sunday 7 February 1999

WHAT: Advanced Civilian Driving Course given by the Alameda Country Sheriff's training center.

See the Alameda County Sheriff Dublin EVOC Page, 10 Pics, writeup!!

Summit #9: Coyote Point BBQ- August 30th 1998

WHEN: Sunday 30 August 1998, 10:30 AM

WHERE: Coyote Point Park, off 101 in San Mateo

COST: $4 per car to get into the park

The weather was perfect for our picnic. Drew and Rob get special thanks for doing most of the cooking. Lots and lots of talking about cars. One person said that this was such a great idea because it was one of his favorite things to talk about his car all day. Must have been a new member because that's what the rest of us have been enjoying for two years now!

We lined up the cars right along the edge of the bay for photo ops. In this pic Mt Diablo is in the background way across the bay.

Two people had rentals, the Chevy and the ZX2, plus in this pic, Tim is trying to jam part of his VW back on??! Ian was there in his new 1999 Miata, green with tan leather- very nice.

Ben surprised us all by bringing his brand new four door BMW M3. He's already started modding it- in the pic he has removed the left front turn signal to route a cool air hose to his new intake setup.

Marc couldn't resist the laying on of hands to the "M-Power" engine.

The views on our scenic drive were typically spectacular. Howell led the way 'cause he was afraid that the powerful PGTs would leave his puny BMW 325is far behind on the mountain roads.

We have a great BBQ last summer. And after our hair-raising antics at Thunderhill Raceway Track Day last month, we could use a nice BBQ feast to relax.

This was also a chance for all the BAPOC member non-racers to come and socialize with a great group of people.

We are planning to meet at the Eucalyptus Grove on the far side of the park. Once you enter the park keep right (but not into the golf course) and follow the Eucalyptus Grove Picnic Area signs.

Summit #8: Probe Track Day at Thunderhill Raceway- July 25th 1998

A huge success, read about on the Thunderhill Track Day Page.

Summit #7 Duel at DeAnza II - May 17th 1998 Autocross

Join Us for the 30th Anniversary Duel at De Anza Autocross! 300 Race Cars 2000+ Spectators

Event: Duel at De Anza

When: Sunday, May 17th 1998

Where: De Anza College (Parking Lot "B") 21250 Stevens Creek Blvd. (@ Stelling Rd.) Cupertino, California 95014

*From San Jose -go 280 North. -merge to Highway 85 going South. -exit Stevens Creek Blvd. -make a left at the light. -get in the right lane and make a right turn at the next signal light. -head for the AutoX crowd.

*from San Francisco -go either 280 South or 101 South -merge to Highway 85 going South. -exit Stevens Creek Blvd. -make a left at the light. -get in the right lane and make a right turn at the next signal light. -head for the AutoX crowd.

*from Gilroy -go 101 North -take Highway 85 North -exit Stevens Creek Blvd. -make a right at the light -get in the right lane and make a right turn at the next signal light. -head for the AutoX crowd.

BaPOC will have a tent up and there will be refreshments and snacks. Swing by to say hi, and kick back with us. Check out some nice Probe GTs and met the faces behind all these email addresses!

* double check the directions! above directions were off the top of my head.

If you want to race, be there EARLY cuz they only take the first 300+ racers. IT ALWAYS SELLS OUT! so be there early and get in line.

Show up to race or just show up for some race action and check out some cars. Come out for the luncheon or just to join in on the large showing of Probe GTs!

Summit #6 - Saturday 21 February 1998 - Blackhawk Museum

DATE:                Saturday, February 21st 1998

TIME:               10:00 AM



Click on these for two so-so but small (11K) maps

Also use for personalized door-to-door directions or maps.


Summit #5 - NASA School at Sear's Point Raceway - Saturday 25 October 1997

Description: NASA driving school at Sear's Point Raceway.

We had six Probes driving, Nadine, Rich, Ben, Kevin, Tammy, and me. Howell and David also attended but didn't drive. Tim was there, of course, with his Blue GTI.

Cost was $174 ($149 for the school, $25 for a NASA membership) for a day's instruction and driving (four 20-minute sessions on the track) with a pro instructor.

A great success! Read James' NASA School at Sear's Point Raceway story.

Lined up at the end of the day
A real "sleepy" eyed Probe
James' car with taped lights and number
Nadine's car arrived in style
James'  fearless instructor and his race car.

Summit #4 - Saturday 30 August 1997 - Luncheon and scenic drive

Description: Luncheon and scenic drive. (Driving after lunch, so don't eat too much before heading for the twisties :P ). Like Summit #1, but with MORE cars! Meet new/old members, discuss the 2.5L V6, show off the T-shirts, and generally have a good time.

Date and Time: Saturday 30 August 1997, 11:00am

Report: A great success! We had 9 cars, 8 PGT's and a MX-6 V6.

We arranged the cars off Hwy 1 for a more organized photo than we've managed in the past.

Click for bigger pics!

Lined up off Highway 1

Black/Red ProbesRed and Black Probes

View inside Ben's car.

Eddie took this pic. Hey, which car is mine!

Labor day weekend meant quite a bit of traffic wherever we went, but the drive was still entertaining.

Here are some pictures Titus took: Click here.

Summit #3 - 7 June 97

BBQ at Stanford. No driving was scheduled for the benefit of people not interesting in racing. Lots of food, perfect weather.


Summit #2.5 - 25 May 97

Held at SCCA's Solo II event (Round 9) at the Oakland Colliseum. Eddie, Howell, James, Nadine, Tim, and Mike raced. Great fun! Here are the Results for Solo II 25 May 1997 .

Mike introduced us to left-foot braking under full throttle. Eddie hit some cones with the *back* of his car! I discovered there is just enough headroom for wearing a helmet. Howell drove like the madman he is and placed well despite running on street tires.

Eddie and Tim's (Hey- that's not a Probe!!) cars waiting on the grid.

James on the course

Summit #2 - XX April 97

Held at a Solo II event. I missed it, so Eddie, send me the description...

Eddie's car on the track.

Lineup o' Probes

Summit #1 - 8 March 97

We met at the Malibu Grand Prix in Redwood city, then drove up to Alice's restuarant to meet some people from the TACKIT auto club at SCU. After lunch we went on a scenic drive out to the coast and down Rt. 1. We had 13 Probes (all 2nd generation GT's) for the first summit.

My most memorable scene: Howell jangling his car keys madly at the end of lunch while in tones of increasing desperation crying "let's drive, let's drive."

Parked at Alices's Resturant.

Side of the Road

(Summit 1 picture)Another Side-Of-Road shot shot featuring Ben's car.

May 1998

Bay Area Probe Owners Club