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There are a number of excellent FAQS on the web:

I'm trying to cover some different questions, so look at the other sites as well.

How do I rewire my fog lights to come on by themselves?

What mileage should I expect to get with my 93+PGT

What are the model year differences?

Where can I get a Service manual?

Where is the paint code on my 93+ Probe?

Will a spoiler make my car faster?

What do all those acronymns mean?

Will Boston RC61's fit in the front doors?

Can I use an aftermarket amp with the factory CD?

What is that vibrating, groaning noise when I first start moving?

Why do I have oil in my spark plug wells on my 93+ PGT?

Why does my 93+ PGT try to buck itself to death when it's cold?

How do tell if my 93+ Probe has heated mirrors?

What is VRIS?

Is the 2.5V6 an interference engine?

How much does a Probe weigh?

Why Does My Brake Idiot Light Come On?

How Do I Read the Error Codes?

How do I convert to the One Wiper look?

Most of this information taken from the Probe Mailing Lists, Owners Manual and Shop Manual. I may post parts of email messages I receive. If the author objects to this policy, I will re-edit or remove the text to satisfy you. No guarantee of accuracy is given.

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