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Probes are everywhere! - A new tuner company devoted to the Probe and KL series motors.  A must for modified KL motors. 14Jul03

Super Street June 99. On pages 64, with Russ A. with his 95 GT from Orlando. Pg. 70 with Steve A. 93Gt from Jefferson City, TN . And on page 80 with Conor H.'s 94 GT from Marietta,GA 19May99

The Probe-Perf list makes an appearence in the latest Sport Compact Car CC (June 99) It's kind of tucked away in the letters section (pg.268)

Probe Cop Car:

There's a much smaller picture of that car at this site:

It reads: "Cpl. Sim's distinctive patrol car was forfeited by a drug dealer arrested in Okaloosa County." 4May99

June 1998 issue of Sport Compact Car, there is an article on Battle of the Imports. It says a '93 Ford Probe won the Sport Compact Car class. The probe was driven by a David Rodriguez Jr. and he ran a 14.65 at 96.42mph. 10Mar99

Just perusing through my March issue of Road and Track and I come upon an article on page 28 in the Side Glances column entitled, "What's in a name". It looks into the naming of cars. At the bottom of the page I see an illustration with PROBE in block letters (along with camry and achieva). Uh oh, I think I know where this may be leading.

I flip the page and there is PROBE again in colorful block letters. The paragraph (in bold) reads:

"There are also one or two other names that sometimes cause me to flinch. One is the recently discontinued Ford Probe, which I know is suppose to imply a sort of high tech reaching to the edges of outer space, but to me the word "probe" suggests either an unpleasant medical procedure in which I have to don a hospital gown, or some sort of hanky-panky with the insect kingdom. In any case, the word gives me the willies. I would have bought the MX-6." 10Feb99

For everyone that has seen the new 2001 Thunderbird Concept, the entire dashboard design is a CARBON COPY of the 2nd-gen Probe GT design. I mean, even the speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, etc. look the same. I've always loved my interior design and am pleased to see it live on in such a formidable vehicle (although the T-bird exterior has some improvement). 3Feb99

Here is a list of all the Probes that we have tested here at MotorWeek:

'88 GT - show #727
'89 LX - show #836
'90 LX - show #928
'93 Probe - show #1136

If you would like to order any of these videos, call F.P.Video at 1-800-422-0064.

Thanks again for writing.

Brian Robinson Assistant Producer, MotorWeek 2Feb99

MOVIE: HEAT. During the last bank robbery, there is a green Probe GT stopped in the shootout on the street. Looks like a 93 or 94. It's in alot of the shots. 4jan99

MOVIE: I just went to see The Faculty.... and when that guy flies through an intersection in a GTO, he almost hits a red probe stopped at the light... u can only see it for a second, but i happened to notice it...4jan99

2TT-289 California License on a blue ford probe?GT? Anybody in CALIFORNIA seen it? Apparently some bank robbers are using a probe to make some "QUICK" withdrawals in the California area. (Ed note: the license given is not a normal CA license number) 2Nov98

Picked up latest issue of Turbo magazine in the news stands and they had an article on the worlds fastest 4-cylinder. Just happens to be a probe. Check it out. I'd give you more info but left the lovely magazine on the plane :-( 28Oct98

On page 161 of the latest (Nov/98) issue of Super Hond - er - Street, you'll see a 96PGT featured as a reader-ride. The list of mods includes: - HKS intake - overbored TB - titanium connecting rods - 50HP N2O shot - Brospeed exhaust - Clutch Masters clutch - 3.26 gears - Ford directional wheels.

Concensus was that this is an SE model- no lower body cladding. Mod list is suspicious also- titanium connector rods and no other internals?!... 12Oct98

I just remembered a part of Jay Leno's (car buff) monologue he used a while back (like 1988 or around then) on the Tonight Show: "Ford has introduced a new car this's called a Probe. Somehow I can't imagine myself driving one...What do I say to the girl? Yeah, I'll pick you up at six, I'll bring my new probe!"

I saw a comedian opening up for George Carlin one time. He was wondering if the Ford Probe is the worst car to get rearended by.........

New Probe GT tie discovered! For those Probe Summit Formals hahaha. Picture Here. 24Jul98

I came home from work last night and went straight to bed, when I did so I turned on my TV, Back To the Future was on, I don't know which one, but it was the one where they goto the future, and guess what, the future looks great, Ford may have discontinued the probe for now but in the future, they will have flying 1st gen probes and a few mustang 5.0s he he... thought it was kinda funny, they look all futuristic, but even though they fly, Ill keep mine, thanks anyway.....

16Jul98 Was sitting at home watching CNN around 5:10PM eastern time and there was a tire commercial (a brand I'd never heard of - Kumho or some such) that featured a white/silver 2nd gen PGT.

The theme of the commercial is that these supposed tires are so good that race car drivers want them for their own cars. It is night time and this guy drives up in a PGT (decked out in racing decals) and steals the tires off of some other car and off he goes. Car looked good.

Bob Telnack (the chief designer at ford, and ford probe designer himself) showed at the carlisle meet.. OF ALL THE CARS AT CARLISLE , MIKE ONE THE CELEBRITY PICK BEST OF SHOW w/ his 96 pgt . This is truly outstanding to have Bob Telnack come over and talk to us. We should all be proud that the pgt won this award out of thousands of other cars! We had some time to talk w/ Mr Telnack about the probe. He was as sad to see it go as we were.. he did state that he always loved the car and was sad to see it go.

Automobile Magazine has featured articles on the '93+ Ford Probe GT in many issues. None recently, though. The four most recent are in January 94, February 94, February 95, and August 95.

To receive back issues write:

Automobile Magazine
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A picture from the International Autoshow - Detroit '97 lists a 1998 Ford Probe GTS. What's going on with that? 18May98

There is an SAE paper on our 2.5L engine from 1992 entitled "Mazda's New Lightweight and Compact V6 Engines" - SAE paper # 920677. Basically it describes in some detail the development and design characteristics of our engine. It provides some schematics of the intake and the airflow with all the VRIS' stages and the respective torque curves and volumn efficiencies. Two different exhaust routings, very brief knock info, engine inertia and NVH issues. You can go to a university library (preferably an engineering library) and copy it.  City libraries may be able to get it depending on their size.  Or you can order directly from SAE publications at  Reprints are usually only $5 or so. 24Apr98

Reportly there was an orientation meeting for Ford employees in 1993 with Lynn St. James (of Indy car notoriety). She is/was a handling consultant (as is Jackie Stewart) for Ford. At the seminar, she described her role in the design of the 93+ Probe GT suspension. 24Apr98.

Tire test article by the Tire Rack - Testing the Pirelli P7000 on Probe GTs and Mustang GTs.

"1986 Ford Probe GTP" Grassroots Motorsports (Jan/Feb 98 issue) on page 102 mentions in an article about races at Daytona International Speedway a "1986 Ford Probe GTP" being raced. Anybody know about this car or have pics? 5Jan98

May/June edition of ITS World (Technology and Application for Intelligent Transportation Systems) features a Rio Red 2nd generation PGT

Australian Probe Review - Sydney Morning Herald. Probes are expensive there. 5Jan98

Edmunds 1994 Probe Info Page - Edmunds review and data for the 1994 Probe. (Other years available too).

Comparison of Probe GT with Prelude and Diamond Cars - From the February 1993 Car Craft "The 10 Best Performance Cars of '93"

Rob Bowden's review of the Ford Escort ZX-2 oozes with his praise of the Probe GT:

Rob Bowden reviews the new 1998 Mazda 626 GS, the last hurrah for our excellent 2.5V6. He says nice things about the engine. 23Dec97

Sport Compact Car magazine is rumored to have added a 95PGT to their "long-term" fleet and will be adding exhaust, intake, chip and suspension upgrades.

Sleepy Eye Probe Headlight pic: under the "Glass" category

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