Stuart's Pro Solo San Bernadino Mar 2000

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TypeR's ReadySet Greenlight

It was an ideal weekend with temperatures in the high 80's to low 90's, clear sky and no wind. My competition was pretty fierce. There were 5 Integra Type R's (195HP, limited slip, 2600lbs) 1 BMW 325is(190 hp, Limited slip, rear wheel drive) and one lowely Probe GT(164 hp, 2900lbs and no limited slip). Not that I am making excuses already but I just want the facts to be out in the open.

The two courses were pretty fun, right side was definitely faster then the left but both sides had their advantages. I fared pretty well to start off with. First run out I was running a mid 36 on the right course and low 37 on the left course. Type R's immediately ran 35's and 36's. After all was said and done, David Fouth from Colorado ran a 33.105 on the right side and Kevin McCormick in a Type R ran a 34.177 on the left side. Overall Kevin McCormick ended up in first by four tenths over David Fouth in Second. So where was the Probe GT? Lets just say that I had fun. No really, I ended up with a 34.9 on the right and a 36.1 on the left....Ouch!! That equates to sixth out of seven. Needless to say I didn't make it into the "challenge" event after the race but I did make it back to San Francisco by 7:30pm. Take that Kevin McCormick!! Who I bet is still on the road.

So what's next. After a good A$$ Kicking like that you would think my spirits would be down. No. I'm still happy I went down and know there is plenty of room to improve in the Probe (personally I really overdrove the car). GS is turning into a very fast class with vehicles like the type R and drivers like Kevin, David and Thom. In comparison to other classes like SuperStock (Corvettes, Turbo RX-7's and Vipers ) were in the mid to high 32's on the right and high 33's on the left. GS never used to be that close. Well hope you enjoy the pictures.


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