Roadster Show Summit #14 Jan00

Summit #14 Joint BAPOC/SCPOC Roadster Show - 8 January 2000

WHAT: Grand National Roadster Show (used to be the Oakland Roadster Show) at the The Cow Palace

we met with the SCPOC caravan in burlingame.
shawn got pulled over by a cop going into the parking lot at the cow palace but didnt get a ticket. whew!
Ford Racing had an exhibit with various race cars and several this reaction time activity. jin did well with low .3xx times. if you look carefully at the display in the background you can see mention of the 57 convertible hardtop skyliner that jen's parents have.
once in the show the cars were quite dazzling- especially the paint and engines. i liked this interior, all digital gauges and the super cool steering wheel.
this was jen's favorite. the paint was incredible.
old race cars; very very small.
blower the size of a probe's engine block
the American Graffiti car and two actors were there

Most of us in front of the semi-famous CB Performance that Eddie supplied so many parts for the probe community through. Benson, the owner, is leftmost.

after CB Performance, we headed towards the Golden Gate Bridge. Here we are stopped on the San Francisco side of the bridge. two cars had lost us in the city and ended up in berkeley! another stayed in SF but needed directions to where we were parked.

We pressed on across the bridge. beautiful day! billy is in front of me in this picture.

We saw this cop in a tricked out impala SS. huge rear stabilizer bars, blacked out everywhere. Fortunately he got distracted by the proximity of a Big Gulp and didnt bother us.

Finally we met up with the lost cars at the in-n-out burger in marin.

lunch was followed by a scenic drive out to stinson beach on rt 1. i was in the lead and treated the caravan to some passing action on 1.

after two minutes on the (cold) beach we headed back to the east bay. the SCPOC people went to berkeley to party (despite not getting much sleep the night before) and hopefully didnt get into any more trouble.

BURLINGAME MEETING PLACE 9:30AM to 9:45AM for Probe Parade to Summit:

101 North from San Jose to Broadway Exit in Burlingame. Follow sign for Old Bayshore Hwy (veering right to light).. Left at light about 1/4 to vacant lot on right past Max's Opera Cafe (near Cinema) and Hyatt.
101 South from San Francisco to Broadway Exit. Go under overpass, then get in right lane to get on overpass. Get in right lane of overpass to go to Bayshore Hwy (you will see Hyatt ahead of you). Left at light and meet in vacant lot on right near Cinema.
Shot of part of the vacant lot.

January 2000

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