Sleepy-Eyed Probe Directions

(by David Hatt)

I've had various versions of my PGT website up on (as many of you already know) various servers, for approximately the last 4 years. All through that time, the most frequently asked question, by far is, "how did you do that with your headlights?". Well, I had the information up for a short period of time... but somewhat feared, nightmares actually, that I would be seeing sleepy probes bombarding the streets of Seattle, with my probe simply swimming with the pack. I don't like swimming with the pack. Which was one of the very reasons I chose a Probe rather than some sort of Asian mandated Honda. Exclusitivity (is that even a word?), is a nice thing. Running around the streets with the "only" souped Probe in Seattle was a very head swelling experience. Geez, back in 93 you could ask a Korean highschooler what he though of a GReddy rather than an HKS and he'd think you were crazy (at least in Seattle). Well, something has come over me. Once again, The secret is being released. Maybe it's maturity, or humility, or the dozen or so e-mails I've gotten in the last 2 days. But get set... cause here we go!


To turn an ordinary Ford Probe with functional headlamps that actually project light onto the street in front of you into a sweet looking exotic car that won't light up a glow in the dark sticker 2 inches away from the bumper and gets hundreds of awed onlookers asking..."are you headlights broken?".

Required Tools

Scared Yet? Darn.

Real Required Tools


Here we go with the steps. If you still have your owners manual, open it to the section to opening your headlights manually. If not it's like this.

  1. Open your hood
  2. Remove the fuse called Retra
  3. Behind each headlight there will be a red dial covered by a small black rubber boot
  4. Remove the boot and spin the dial to raise the lamp
  5. Raise lamp entirely
  6. Adjust light to aim as high as possible with the screw directly under the headlight
  7. Lower headlamp with red dial to desired height
  8. Wrap red dial with a small piece of duct tape to keep headlamp from lowering from bumps or raising from air pressure
  9. Cover red dial with little black boot
  10. Throw away your retra fuse
  11. Practice saying "NO, I want my headlights to stay that way!"
  12. Install some bright foglights to compensate for your lack of headlights
  13. Step back and admire your handiwork

It should look something like this
The original sleepy-eyed Probe
Pictures of the little red dial thingy are coming shortly.

A Few Responses to the Question "Are you headlights broken?"