Website Submission Guidelines

All Submissions

Mail all website submission to the webmaster: James ( If I need to change anything, I'll mail you for clarification. If, by some chance, I post information that doesn't reflect your intent, please mail me as soon as possible for a correction.


Image File Format: If you aren't sure what about file compression to use, save the picture as a GIF file and send that to me. (If you can't save as a GIF, just send me whatever you have.) I'll convert it to a compressed JPG. This will allow to me touch up dark areas, etc.. I probably won't edit JPG's you send because of the lossy nature of the format.

JPG file size: If you send me JPG's, they should be less than 100K in size. I've gotten decent results with compression of the same size image to 30-50K. Please don't send too many huge files! I can convert other formats to properly sized JPG's for you if you wish.

Getting on the site: I'll try to put up every picture I'm sent, but if there get to be a large number, I may have to edit the selection a bit. Lag time is between 1 and 5 days, depending on my free time.  

Repair/Performance Shops

What to include

What NOT to include


Include as many of the below as want to: