Thunderhill 1999 Summit

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Summit #12 Thunderhill Raceway II Summer 1999 Sat 31 July 1999

Thunderhill Raceway Sat 31 July 1999. 4+ hours track time!

Check out the Thunderhill 1998 Page from last year. Pics and writeup.

The Event

It was a great day. No cars wrecked, 2 broken, some spun out. I spun into the hill in 14, then followed that up with a 70mph slide in 3, thanks Navid for not running into my passenger door!

I'll have more write up soon.

David Vodden standing on the right- the CEO of Thunderhill and the track supervisor for the day. Standing next to him is "Turbo", in charge of controlling the sessions and black flag finger wagging. In the background left to right are Mike, Nadine, and Domingo. Mike and Domingo were instructors for us.
A shot of the most of the participants.
Jay busted a CV joint and fortunately Billy had rented a trailer for his street car so everybody got their cars home.
Kumhos are holding up well. You can see how the heat has melted the rubber. Also you can see where I slid sideways at 70mph in Turn 3- the place where the tread is worn away.
Tim through the Cyclone. The GTI in the background lost two lug nuts and had the other two very loose on the driver's front wheel. Not a pretty sight.
Sandy, his son and his bad-ass Porsche 928. If I were to name it I'd call it the "Grim Reaper". It was as scary to ride in as listen to. Sandy was one of the instructors and an racer and instructor for the Porsche Club.
Me on the front straight. This was before I dented up the air dam on the right front with the hill in Turn 14. Thanks to Marc for providing the pic.

What a beautiful sight!

Want more pics? See Thunderhill 1999 Page 2.

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